Monday, 27 June 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #17: The Plimptons - "Lonely Old Man"

The Plimptons (rarely have I heard a name that matches the sound so perfectly) are a little known Scottish band that play exciting, tongue-in-cheek music of various styles and moods. There’s a little Madness there, a little Pogues, a little everything  – in fact, it is precisely this diversity that makes them so good. Ska, Brit-pop, Celtic punk, pop punk, music hall (I could go on) – all done with great humour and taste, all filtered through this very Glaswegian pop sensibility. 

Their latest (3rd) album, 00’s Nostalgia With The Plimptons (2010) is well worth anybody’s time. The album's single, “Lonely Old Man”, is a classic piece of infectious Celtic punk, and with brilliant lyrics to boot. This is wild, intelligent fun. 

(You can download the album almost for free here:  I certainly advise you to do so – they don’t get lots of money for selling records these days, you know.)

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