Sunday, 18 September 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #29: The Ladybug Transistor - "Meadowport Arch"

It's a mystery how a band can come up with a name like The Ladybug Transistor; but apparently this was the best they could think of. Okay, never mind - their music is good. Their music is classic, understated twee pop that might be completely lost on you if you're not patient enough. For instance, the band's latest album, this year's Clutching Stems, starts revealing its strong melodic substance on third or fourth listen at best. They've certainly grown less articulate of late. 
This one, though, called "Meadowport Arch", is among their most immediate numbers (it appeared on their masterful The Albemarle Sound album (1999)). It's a perfect, beautifully produced baroque-pop song that boasts an absolutely timeless chorus whose main strength is that it... literally comes out of nowhere. Pretty much defines 'charming'.

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