Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Album review: HOODED FANG - Tosta Mista

Highlights: Clap, Brahma, Tosta Mista, Jubb

The only thing wrong with Hooded Fang’s second album (released in 2011) is its length. A little more than 20 minutes, it makes a mockery of the CD age (not that we are still living in that one, of course).  But I can’t really take that against them: the record is totally devoid of filler; which, coupled with some of the year’s smartest and catchiest hooks, makes for a worthy and highly entertaining listen.

Hooded Fang is a little known Toronto-based band, and Tosta Mista is their UK debut. Carrying on with this brevity issue, the record features just 7 seven songs (plus a short instrumental theme running through the whole length of the album). They are all groovy little things augmented by beautiful vocal harmonies and the band’s brilliant chemistry. The album’s omniscient guitar lines are tasteful, memorable, diverse and to the point. Same could be said about the actual songs: the unforgettable “Brahma” and the 60’s send-up “Clap” are the standouts, but the title track and the closing ballad “Den Of Love” are almost as good. Just over 20 minutes, I swear you’ll be begging for more.

Hooded Fang’s real full-length debut from 2010 was often compared to The Strokes, but bits and pieces aside, this is an altogether different proposition. I’d say the cover is godawful, but may it not distract you from the contents: Tosta Mista is an indie rock gem.


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