Sunday, 26 February 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #47: Tall Dwarfs - "Nothing's Going To Happen"

Tall Dwarfs are a seminal New Zealand band. While definitely on the odd, edgy, often quite maddening side, they nonetheless retain the remarkable pop sensibilities of the greatest Kiwi bands (they were also signed by the legendary Flying Nun label). Most of Tall Dwarfs' albums tend to be a bit patchy (with Fork Songs being the strongest), but they recorded a number of truly fabulous EP's. Based on the unforgettable acoustic rhythm, "Nothing's Going To Happen" is the highlight of their very release, Three Songs EP (1981). I never thought something this bizarre could be this catchy. The Flying Nun promo video is delightfully hallucinatory, and it matches the song brilliantly.

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