Friday, 19 October 2012

Album review: TIM BURGESS - Oh No I Love You

Highlights: White, The Doors Of Then, The Great Outdoors Bitches, A Gain

There’s no question that Kurt Wagner is all over this thing. In fact, Oh No I Love You (nice title, by the way) is like a more pop-oriented version of Lambchop’s latest, Mr. M. A very refined, classy-sounding record drenched in orchestration and exquisite melancholy. Pop music for snobs.

Tim Burgess used to be in the fairly run-of-the-mill Britpop band called The Chameleons (capable but never particularly impressive). His solo career, though (this is his second album), offers something different: it is more about vibes and mood and things like that. Still, the songs are there, and pop confections like the single “White” or “The Great Outdoors Bitches” are sublime. The few country-esque numbers (“The Graduate” and “Anytime Minutes”) are fairly unexceptional and some of the more atmospheric material might sound beguiling but still rather underwhelming (“A Case For Vinyl”). However, it’s impossible to deny the elegant, funereal charms of the 6-plus minute “A Gain” that brings this album to a very calm, tortured, fitting end.

Like it or not, this is impeccable stuff. Impeccably composed, impeccably produced. Oh No I Love You is the sort of album I could recommend to fans of classical music who wish to try pop. As well as to the rest of you.


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