Sunday, 10 March 2013

SONG OF THE WEEK #93: The Tyde - "All My Bastard Children"

The Tyde. You should like them if you like The Jayhawks. And you should like them if you happen to like Felt. And you will definitely love them if you love both (Christ, have I just eliminated the whole of world’s population?!?) “All My Bastard Children” off their brilliant debut, Once (2001), is a heavenly, countrified jangle-pop ballad that should instantly become one of your favourite things ever.

The rest of the band’s catalogue is worth a shot, too, particularly their second album (Twice, as you would expect). Not as consistent, I guess, but “Henry VII” is as infectious a pop gem as you can possibly get.  

Now, though, it’s all about “All My Bastard Children”…

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