Sunday, 29 June 2014

SONG OF THE WEEK #153: The Wrens - "She Sends Kisses"

Well, what can you do about this song. It's pure emotional overkill, and who writes lyrics like that. Off The Meadowlands (2003), an album that is either extremely underrated or lionized beyond all reason. Also, I hear they have just finished recording the new album - hilarious. Not holding my breath. A boy has cried wolf too many times now.

"Past Seven Wrecks I've read four answers:
1. Your move
2. I'm tres involved
3. Move on
4. ...". 

'Tres' is of course fantastic, but I'm still trying to figure out what number four is.


  1. Isn't 'love,beth' number four?.

    1. Is it though. I can hear one feeble 'yeah'.. Well anyway, I guess it makes sense.