Monday, 16 May 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #11: Damien Youth - "These Days Are But Molecules"

Now Damien Youth is certainly one unknown man. I could also say underappreciated, but I don’t feel comfortable with that word anymore, particularly in Damien’s case. The simple, haunting words of Stephen Pastel: “In the end you become as big as you are supposed to be”. Anyone else say that – pleeaase, but Stephen Pastel I can believe. 

Obscurity? But Damien Youth asked for it. Obscurity is what suits his songs just fine – that’s not to say they are bad. Yes, all of his albums are frustratingly uneven, but his constant flashes of brilliance are almost worthy of any Robyn Hitchcock or Syd Barrett (both of whom the man so clearly idolizes). This song here, “These Days Are But Molecules”, is taken from what I consider Damien’s best, most consistent album overall, Phantoms Of Fables (2005). Gorgeous, sad, mysterious – it’s heartbreaking for no particular reason. The video is brilliant as well ( I might be mistaken here, but I believe it was also made by Damien).

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