Monday, 2 May 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #9: The Blackeyed Susans - "Memories"

The Blackeyed Susans’ first album, All Souls Alive (1993), is one of Australia’s finest ever – though what else would you expect from a record that features members of The Triffids? Too bad the Susans never managed to repeat the rough magic of those affecting, beautifully arranged songs. 

At the moment the band’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Memories” sounds like the greatest thing in the world to me. An absolute musical riot. Warren Ellis’ head-spinning violin must have been the thing that made Nick Cave add a new member to The Bad Seeds’ lineup. Oh, and of course: David McComb is singing this one. David, I should mention, is my absolute hero. Nothing can describe Australia better than his songs and those vast, tough, heartbreaking vocals. What a tragedy. Some things never really heal. 

But my God what a performance.

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