Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Album review: LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM - Seeds We Sow

Highlights: Seeds We Sow, That’s The Way That Love Goes, Rock Away Blind, One Take

It’s too easy not to care about a new Lindsey Buckingham album in 2011. After all, his best and most productive years were during Fleetwood Mac’s golden period of 70’s and 80’s, and his solo records, while clever and sweet, could not be called particularly impressive. But almost against all odds – Seeds We Sow might well be a little cleverer and sweeter than others.

First of all, the songs are extremely well-written. There’s a full-blown, irresistibly catchy chorus when you need it (the short and funky “Illumination”; the hard-rocking “One Take”; or the brilliant, uplifting “That’s The Way That Love Goes”), there are more subtle, understated moments (“Stars Are Crazy”; a great cover of Stones’ “She Smiled Sweetly”). There’s a couple of adult-contemporary, tired-sounding ballads (“When She Comes Down”, “End Of Times”), but songs as timeless and majestic as “Rock Away Blind” with its fluent, crisp guitar playing can certainly salvage a lot. And speaking of Lindsey’s guitar – it’s as tasteful and intricate as ever.

There’s a sparkling, inspired tunefulness running through this thing, and it has to be cherished. Seeds We Sow does of course lack the formidable commercial appeal of, say, Rumours, but artistically and musically this new album is an absolute triumph.


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