Sunday, 30 October 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #34: Bert Jansch - "Angie"

This is a kind of belated tribute (Bert died on October, 5th), but this was coming. I'd admit to never being a particulalry big fan, and I struggle to remember when it was last that I played my Pentangle records, but every time I happen to hear Bert playing his guitar, I tend to wonder what it is that holds me back. Perhaps the fear of overexposure, that blinding subtlety - the kind you wish to preserve?..
If you're new to Bert Jansch, then I'd be hard pressed to come up with a better, more fitting introduction to the man than this recent live rendition of his classic instrumental "Angie" (originally on his essential eponymous 1965 debut). It's exquisite, it's understated, and it's inescapably beautiful.

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