Sunday, 20 May 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #59: Yeti - "Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder"

The highly dysfunctional world of The Libertines has spawned a lot of wonderful things - but while people talk a lot about The Babyshambles and The Dirty Pretty Things (and, unfortunately, Razorlight - though the link is so slight it's not even worth mentioning), they tend to forget about this little band. Yeti, formed by The Libertines' bassist John Hassall.
Destined to stay in the shadows of Doherty and Barat, Hassall nonetheless proved to be a brilliant and frustratingly underappreciated songwriter. There's less chaos in Yeti's music, but it sounds almost as glorious in its simple, charming, Ray Davies-esque tunefulness. 
There's not much we have: one studio album (The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales, 2008) and one compilation of singles and stuff (Yume!, 2007). 2005's catchy piece of life-affirming Britishness, "Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder", appeared on both. This is the single version - will put to shame almost anything on The Libertines.

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