Sunday, 26 August 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #70: A.C. Newman - "There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve..."

These days, when I hear people discussing AC's new album, I get all excited: A.C. Newman's new album (Shut Down The Streets, out in October) is certainly quite high on my 2012 wishlist. However, it soon transpires that what is meant is not New Pornographers' primary songwriter, but (an intellectual, respectful, perfectly post-modern yawn) Animal Collective. That's what AC stands for
I admire both of Newman's solo albums; sparkling, clever, inventive power pop. Both are exactly what you would expect: New Pornographers with no Dan Bejar and less Neko Case. "There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve..." opens 2009's Get Guilty on a truly glorious note, one making me wonder why anyone would really care for that new Animal Collective's album.

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