Saturday, 3 November 2012

Album review: JIM NOIR - Jimmy's Show

Psychedelic pop. Don’t you absolutely detest the idea of another humourless revivalist act doing it all over again?.. We all do. However, it’s not all that sad, and once in a while a record like Jim Noir’s Jimmy’s Show might actually seem somewhat… refreshing. The album takes its cue from Britain’s whimsical psychedelic pop of the 60’s (how else?), and has unmistakable echoes of bands like Tomorrow and Nirvana (no, not that Nirvana).

All very nice. Decent pop melodies wrapped into stylish psych haze. Plus lots of pretty harmonies, pleasant keyboard grooves, non-threatening guitar solos and, last but not least, chirping of birds. Nothing rip-roaring or garage-y – Jimmy’s Show is very tasteful, stately and reserved. Almost subtle (not least in the instrumental department).

In terms of songs, little strikes me as particularly impressive here – though it’s certainly a very well-written, well-honed collection. Some of the tunes sound like lovely, half-forgotten little clichés (the tune of “Praise For Your Mother”, for instance, just sounds like something you’ve heard too many times already – even if that is not the case), while others do get by thanks to classic melodies (the two harmony-filled delights, “Sunny” and my personal favourite, “Driving My Escort Cosworth To The Cake Circus”, are the standouts).

Overall, a wholly satisfactory, intriguing listen. Not overwhelmingly great, granted, but a very homely, cozy reminder of that awful (I’m using the word affectionately) decade that will never cease producing this sort of nostalgia. Like I say, lovely.


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