Sunday, 20 October 2013

SONG OF THE WEEK #120: Morrissey - "Speedway"

Call him a wanker, a twat, a narcissistic bore, but you can't deny Morrissey. He stole this whole fucking week. There were moments where his memoir's anticipation/aftermath threatened to overshadow such silly issues as England vs. Poland and the US shutdown. Still, he won in the end. And rightfully so. I loved the Penguin Classics takeover (he is an artist, so he can do whatever he wants - though don't let Miley Cyrus read too much into that) and I'm currently loving the book. "My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets upon streets..." You just knew it would be good, didn't you? Also, let's put an end to the tiresome 'but he's been shit since the Smiths' breakup' rumour. Nonsense.Vauxhall and I is a classic and every bit as good as The Queen is Dead. And while we're at it, "Speedway" is the greatest song the man has ever sung.

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