Sunday, 24 July 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #21: Zumpano - "The Party Rages On"

Canada’s Zumpano is A.C.Newman’s second band (after an even obscurer Superconductor). The sound is that of The Zombies playing power pop. Zumpano managed two albums in the 90s, Look What The Rookie Did (1995) and Goin’ Through Changes (1996), both ridiculously overlooked gems, both a must-have for any admirer of intelligent pop music or, indeed, The New Pornographers.

“The Party Rages On” appeared on the album’s 1995 debut. The song is a perfect of example of what Zumpano were about. An absolutely breathtaking set of unforgettable melodies and uplifting spirit that is bound to make you dance and sing along..

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