Sunday, 31 July 2011

SONG OF THE WEEK #22: John Cale - "Dying On The Vine" (live)

Whereas John Cale’s 1985 LP Artificial Intelligence could well be the lowest point in his discography, in “Dying On The Vine” it contained one of his loveliest tunes ever. Thoughtful and gorgeous, it could easily make it into Paris 1919 or Music For A New Society – but the spare, cold arrangements were simply too emotionless, too distant, too uninviting.

When he played it later, though, on his brilliant live album Fragments Of A Rainy Season (1992; Cale's gentle side, as opposed to the rage and headless chickens of Sabotage) or elsewhere around the period, it bloomed into the true, deeply moving classic it really was. And is.  

This version is taken from a 1992 TV show.

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