Friday, 30 March 2012

Album review: THE CHAP - We Are Nobody

Highlights: What Did We Do, We Are Nobody, Hands Free

We Are Nobody may or may not be a modern art-pop classic, but I can safely say that the second I hear that pulsating electronic beat at the start of “What Did We Do”, I’m wistfully overjoyed. A terrific feeling, and reminiscent of the one I got when I first listened to The Postal Service’s brilliant “Such Great Heights”. Electronic indie of highest quality, smart and intricate.  

While the rest of The Chap’s fifth album does not quite recapture the brilliance of its single, We Are Nobody is a consistent, thoroughly engaging listen. The opening “Rhythm King” can hardly rival Sparks’ magnificent “The Rhythm Thief”, but it sets the tone quite nicely. Songs-wise it’s all pretty even (if somewhat unspectacular on occasion), but I would just love to mention the fast, glammy “Hands Free” that is about as catchy and nonsensical as anyone will get this year. 

Still, however interesting these melodies might be, this type of music is mostly about arrangements. Speaking of which, that underpinning guitar line (well, I presume it is a guitar line) in the aforementioned “What Did We Do” is pure bliss.

I don't really know what the album cover is supposed to tell us and I’m certainly not an expert on electronic indie-pop (or whatever), but there’s no question that The Chap know how to make their beats and bass lines witty, addictive and irresistible. We Are Nobody is not exactly a classic, but I honestly can’t find anything wrong about it. High 7, low 8.


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