Sunday, 4 March 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #48: Peter Perrett - "Woke Up Sticky"

They say a new album by The Only Ones will be released some day soon, but I almost don't believe that anymore. The Only Ones were like a more melodic version of The Adverts or like a less punkish take on The Buzzcocks. Terrific pop-punk/power-pop hooks and Peter Perrett's resonant, slightly whimsical vocals. Sadly, the discography isn't too huge: we only have two classic late-70's albums (plus one mediocre 1980 one), and Perrett's brilliant, unjustly forgotten solo release, Woke Up Sticky (1996). Which, in addition to the irresistible "Falling" (which could easily rival "Another Girl, Another Planet"), features this soulful tale of alien abduction. Or was that a wet dream?..

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