Sunday, 11 March 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #49: The Beautiful South - "Prettiest Eyes"

With this band there's just so much to choose from. The Beautiful South were Paul Heaton's second band (after the rather bland, mediocre Housemartins), and it revealed the duo of Heaton and the band's lead guitarist David Rotheray as top-notch songwriters. Beautiful, soulful, tasteful pop confections - but with a certain witty, occasionally cynical twist in the lyrics.
"Prettiest Eyes" appeared on their fourth LP, Miaow (1994), and was later included into what I consider to be one of the most essential compilations of all time, Carry On Up The Charts: The Best Of The Beautiful South (1994). Not the greatest video, granted, but music-wise this is tear-jerkingly gorgeous.      

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