Sunday, 8 December 2013

SONG OF THE WEEK #127: Julian Cope - "I Wanna Know What's In It For Me"

Outside a number of good pop songs, Julian Cope has never been my personal hero - not even if we consider the time when he fronted The Teardrop Explodes or released his most acclaimed solo albums (Fried, Peggy Suicide, a few others). Neither his voice nor his melodies resonate with me the way they should. And Julian's current 'revolutionary' phase is way too earnest to be taken seriously. His lyrics just don't turn me on. Yet once in a while the man can pen one hell of a sweet tune: "These Things I Know", "Cunts Can Fuck Off" (I should make a sarcastic remark here, but I can't think of anything) or this little acoustic protest from 2008's Preaching Revolution EP. 

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