Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lists! Best songs of 2014

First off, sad to hear of Joe Cocker’s death. Sleep easy.

Second. I have to make a break. I won’t be writing reviews in the near future. Instead – to get distracted, to fuck things up, to gain this site a few more cheap hits, I will be writing lists. LISTS. All kinds. Ridiculous, useless, masturbatory lists.

Starting with now.

2014. Songs.


The feel good song of the year. The video is good, too. Malkmus hasn’t lost it.

24. MORRISSEY – “Art Hounds”

His best song this year, and it’s a goddamned bonus track. Lighten up, Morrissey!

23. KING DUDE – “Watching Over You”

If you are romantic but have a devil in you.

22. HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT – “This One’s For Now”

Sarcasm and wit. As ever.

21. BEN WATT – “Hendra”

Listened to this while walking home late at night. The vibe, the tune.

20. COMET GAIN – “Long After Tonite’s Candles Are Blown”

This year, I entered Vatican City to this song. I’m a despicable man.

19. WHITE LUNG – “Down It Goes”

Fuck yes.


Smoked out, concise and powerful.

17. EMA – “When She Comes”

Still raw, but already more mature. Underrated.

16. THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – “Champions Of Red Wine”

Effortless pop genius. Neko Case on vocals.

15. THE MENZINGERS – “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore”

As good as anything off On The Impossible Past. Enough said.

14. COLD SPECKS – “A Broken Memory”

All you need to know about artistic growth.

13. ROBYN HITCHCOCK – “San Francisco Patrol”

Just a classic ballad from Robyn Hitchcock.

12. GUIDED BY VOICES – “All American Boy”

Another gem from Tobin Sprout. He should just dump that Pollard guy.

11. THEE SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA – “Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal)"

The wall of handsome noise hitting you full on the face and you want more.

10. DAMON ALBARN – “The Selfish Giant”

Best thing he’s done since 13. Never cared for Gorillaz.

9. TOM VEK – “You’ll Stay”

“Everything’s okay. You’ll stay”.

8. DELINES – “I Won’t Slip Up”

The sound of the warmest night when you are reasonably tired and in love.

7. GALLON DRUNK – “The Soul Of The Hour”

Ecstatic. I wish the groove would go on for another seven minutes. 

6. LEONARD COHEN – “Did I Ever Love You”

Someone told me Tom Waits could do this song so well. Yes, but…

5. MIREL WAGNER – “Oak Tree”

Simple, disarming and magical.

4. LUKE HAINES – “Alan Vega Says”

Luke did not record a great album this year. But did record a great song.

3. JOHN MOORE – “Almost Optimistic”

God help you if you can relate to John’s lyrics here. And what a melody.

2. EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN – “Lament 3. Pater Peccavi”

No comment.

1. SUN KIL MOON – “Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes”

Mark Kozelek is on such a songwriting roll it’s scary. This song is scary.

(Real number one, though, is “Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)” by U2.)

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