Friday, 20 April 2012

Album review: EVANS THE DEATH - Evans The Death

Highlights: Telling Lies, Morning Voice, Threads, Wet Blanket

In a way, it’s rather disheartening to listen to Evans The Death’s debut album. Not because its songs are poor (I can’t find one bad song here), but because by the 10th second you realise that there won’t be a single person in the whole world who would be able to find his new favourite band here. Tragic, isn’t it? But this is what happens when you record a collection of solid twee pop songs devoid of truly impressive songwriting chops.

The album’s first four tracks are so insistently good but unspectacular that these young Londoners do come off as your aspiring fans of Dolly Mixture and The Pastels from the garage down the street. Sort of lovely but why would anyone care?..

However, right when you are about to lose your interest and turn this thing off, Evans The Death improve. Marginally or a great deal is not an easy question to answer, but the charmingly clumsy guitar jangle that opens “Telling Lies” is a delight. The melody is not half bad either, and the same goes for the noisy-one-second-pretty-the-next “Morning Voice” and the just noisy “Threads” (the album’s first single). The songs that come next are mostly your good, moderately catchy, garagey, c-86-like twee pop by the numbers – with only the chorus of “Wet Blanket” being irresistible enough.

Certainly Evans The Death is not the classic you so wanted it to be (and you have definitely heard enough bands who do this stuff a lot better), but the flashes of half-brilliance spread across this album can’t be denied. Strictly for critics and fans of the genre. I’ll go with a low 7 here.


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