Monday, 9 April 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #53: The Sleepy Jackson - "This Day"

Luke Steele. I've really no idea what is going on with this guy and what kind of label/creative problems he is having, but there hasn't been an album from him since 2008. Which might not sound like much of a hiatus (by today's standards, that is), except there was talk a year or two ago of Steele releasing a whole handful of new records...
Sad, because I hold Steele's songwritig in rather high esteem. I didn't much care for his second project, Empire Of The Sun, but his first band, The Sleepy Jackson, was terrific. Particularly their debut from 2003, Lovers (in retrospect, a true Australian classic; Steele's charismatic melodicism evoking early Dave McComb as well as Grant McLennan - naturally!). "This Day", one of that LP's singles, has a totally irresistible, infectious, inherently sunny tune. Tunes, in fact!  

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