Monday, 30 April 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #56: The Fall - "Janet, Johnny And James"

Choosing a favourite Fall album is a task both ridiculous and impossible. There would simply be too many to mention: Live At The Witch Trials, Grotesque, Bend Sinister... The list could go on. Yet there is something to the popular belief that the band's album from 2003, The Real New Fall LP: Country On The Click, is one of their finest ever. The production is crisp and rejuvenated, the material is extremely consistent, Smith sounds involved, and it has the band's best set of melodies since late 80's/early 90's. By The Fall's standards - a hell of a long time.
John Peel's favourite "Theme From Sparta F.C." might be the most celebrated song on that record, but I've always had a particularly soft spot for "Janet, Johnny And James". Folk music as understood and played by The Fall. Priceless.

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