Sunday, 22 April 2012

SONG OF THE WEEK #55: Pulp - "Dogs Are Everywhere"

I believe that out of all the British songwriters working in the 90's only Luke Haines and Lawrence Hayward could rival Jarvis Cocker at his peak. Obviously Pulp are mostly remembered for that breathtaking triad of His 'n' Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore, but both prior and after that Cocker came up with some absolute gems. For instance, I've always felt strangely addicted to this bizarre, misanthropic song from 1986, "Dogs Are Everywhere". It originally appeared on the eponymous EP, but this here is an acoustic version from 1994. There's got to be something about that lazy groove and, of course, those odd, witty, hilarious lyrics.
(Be sure to check out the original as well)

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