Monday, 19 January 2015

LIST #10. Songs about not giving a damn.

I’ve just seen the tracklist for Noel Gallagher’s new album. You couldn’t make it up, could you. “While The Song Remains The Same”... Oh Noel. I so don't care.

These are five of my favourite songs on the subject.

#5. Pink Floyd – “Flaming”

Syd Barrett’s whimsical genius. Trippin’ or not, this has to be the most psychedelic song about not giving a damn.

#4. The Beautiful South – “Song For Whoever”

Paul Heaton on top of his songwriting game. The game: insert the name of a girl. The most cynical song about not giving a damn.

#3. John Lennon – “Watching The Wheels”

For me, the only way to listen to Double Fantasy is to treat it as a 7-song mini- album. Well, you know. As for “Watching The Wheels”, it might be the most romantic song about not giving a damn.

#2. A House – “I Don’t Care”

Sometimes you want to overstate the importance of what is forgotten, but I Am The Greatest truly is one hell of a record. And “I Don’t Care” is the most straightforward song about not giving a damn.

#1. Eels – “I Like Birds” 

Daisies Of The Galaxy is and (I believe) will always be Eels’ best album. “I Like Birds” is the best song about not giving a damn.


  1. Haha. Your best so far. Never heard of A House, but that song is fucking brilliant. More lists are coming I hope?

  2. Well, it's fucking brilliant that you enjoyed it. Irish band, had a couple of great albums in early 90s.
    As for these lists, I don't know. A few more I guess.

  3. Come on alexey - enough with these bullshit lists. Be a man. 5 best songs by noel gallagher.

  4. noel gallagher? 5 best songs? too trite for him

    1. No not exactly trite - but so many better things in life.