Saturday, 17 January 2015

LIST #9. Doldrums.

I’ve always believed the best state for listening to depressing music is pure, undiluted happiness. That way you look past the vibe and notice that the music is in fact… quite good. Sometimes. Otherwise, you just feel sorry for yourself and start killing animals.

Speaking of which, The Smiths are not on the list. Depression has always been Morrissey’s main selling point, so that would be too much of a cheap shot.

#5. The Pretty Things – “Loneliest Person”

Too often the most depressing songs have the sweetest tunes. Don’t play this one first thing in the morning.

#4. Love – “Always See Your Face”

Contrary to rumours, Arthur Lee kept writing songs after Forever Changes. Don’t play it after a painful breakup.

#3. The Replacements – “Here Comes A Regular”

"Summer's passed, it's too late to cut the grass" is one of the best lines in rock music. Don’t play it when alone and thirty-five and in a bar.

#2. The Flaming Stars – “Night Must Fall”

Fantastic, criminally underrated band. Don’t play it… late at night.

#1. Big Star – “Holocaust” 

This is mentally and physically devastating. Don’t ever play it.

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