Monday, 5 January 2015

LIST #3. Beatles.

This is it. The important one, the one you have all been waiting for. The list to end all lists. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Five worst Beatles songs.

Disclaimer. No “Mr. Moonlight” or “Act Naturally” or any of their subpar/pointless covers. These are all songs that were actually written by The Beatles. Because if you thought they always got it right, think again.

#5. “What Goes On”

Seems like a cover, sounds like a cover, smells like a cover. Not a cover. And they of course knew what it was worth and gave it to Ringo to sing. Not abysmal or anything, but in the mouthwatering context of Rubber Soul – this is slightly offensive.

#4. “When I Get Home”

From A Hard Day’s Night. Laboured, clich├ęd and, quite simply, not good enough. Even Lennon’s rip-roaring delivery can’t save it from being a weak Beatles song.

#3. “Don’t Pass Me By”

Oh it’s getting hotter. Written by Ringo Starr, so this shouldn’t come as such a big surprise. Dull, one-dimensional country from the patchy yet fascinating White Album. Those who defend this song are either desperate or deluded. It’s bad.

#2. “One After 909”

Written in the 50’s and not their fault really (after all, Phil Spector was the one responsible for Let It Be), but what the heck. Generic and awfully unnecessary. No thanks.

#1. “Ask Me Why”

Early Beatles. First album. Rudimentary melody. Lyrics… No identity. No charisma. No charm. Yet.


  1. Still better than Oasis...