Saturday, 10 January 2015

LIST #6. Radiohead.

I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself, but…

Having once spent several years of my life saying Radiohead were a bunch of overhyped bores with fake suicidal tendencies, I then had to admit they were not entirely without talent. In fact, even the patchy Pablo Honey is not without its certain awkward charm.

Overall: mopey but adventurous. These are five of their best songs.

#5. “You Never Wash Up After Yourself”

Shows that Radiohead have a sense of humour. From My Iron Lung EP. That chord progression never fails.

#4. “Electioneering”

“Paranoid Android”? “Karma Police?” “Airbag”? No. This is the best song from OK Computer.

#3. “Everything In Its Right Place”

Pure aural bliss. However, if you want to laugh, here’s the most embarrassing review in the history of the universe. Those silly twats.

#2. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

I never much cared for The Bends (having heard it after the age of 18), but nobody can deny the sheer hypnotism of its last track.

#1. “A Wolf At The Door”

Dance you fucker. 


  1. You mean to say " You never wash up after yourself" is better than "Just", "15 Step", "Paranoid Android", "Fake plastic trees", "No surprises", "2+2=5", "Lucky" (I could go on)...?