Thursday, 15 January 2015

LIST #8. Jesus.

I just have to get this off my chest:

Dear people of YouTube,

I don't give a damn who or what brought you to this song.
I will not 'like' you if you are foolish enough to ask (in fact, I will not 'like' you in any case).
I don't care what year you're listening to it in
or what's the problem with those 16 people who didn't 'like' the song.
And I will surely not want to hear any of your own stuff. 

That's about it, thanks.

#5. Damien Youth – “Test Tube Jesus”

Damien Youth isn’t on any sort of radio. In fact, very few people know about his existence. But for all the great songs he has written, I believe it should stay that way. Obscurity suits him.

#4. The Vaselines – “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam”

No, apparently he doesn’t. Christian children’s hymn… slightly altered.

#3. Judee Sill – “Jesus Was A Cross Maker”

Judee was of course a legendary figure (well worth discovering), and this is heavenly stuff. The definitive version, others don’t even count.

#2. Robyn Hitchcock – “Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus”

Well, if this is country – and it is – this is the best country you could ever hope to hear. In terms of songwriting, very few can touch this guy. From the classic that is I Often Dream Of Trains.

#1. The Velvet Underground – “Jesus”

Only Lou Reed could write a proper melody to a song with that kind of title.

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