Tuesday, 6 January 2015

LIST #4. Paris.

One of the best advice you are ever going to get was once given by Christopher Hitchens: “Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity”. So whenever someone tells you, to your face or otherwise, that Paris is overrated or some such nonsense – don’t let them get away with it. Step right in. Because whatever Paris is, and Paris is many things, it is not overrated. It is like the best cognac: will do the trick no matter what.

Five best songs about Paris. Or maybe not about Paris. However, the word ‘Paris’ is vital.

#5. 10cc – “Une Nuit A Paris”

This is totally preposterous and absolutely fantastic. “Une Nuit A Paris” is a quirky mini-opera from 10cc’s third album. Cabaret, music hall, horrid French accents, what’s not to like? “One night in Paris is like a year in any other place…”.

#4. Morrissey – “Throwing My Arms Around Paris”

Let’s get this out of the way: Morrissey is major talent and a wanker. And now that all areas are covered, why not enjoy this perfectly nice single from Years Of Refusal. You know, Years Of Refusal. Side A: great. Side B: ... .

#3. The Waterboys – “Paris In The Rain”

Majestic from one of the greatest British songwriters. It’s a travesty that this was an unused piano demo from This Is The Sea album. As for Parisian rain… well, it’s good but then it never lasts.

#2. Patrick Wolf – “Paris”

This was the song blasting through my earphones as I entered Paris for the first time. The gruesome grey walls never looked grey. The lyrics, the violin. It’s all in here, in these suffocating, intense, ecstatic 5 minutes. “They are marching out of me, one by one, walking free…”.

#1. John Cale – “Paris 1919”

If anything, this is the best song with the word ‘Paris’ in its title. Maybe the best song ever, I don’t know.

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