Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LIST #11. Drama.

Drama. Not as in theatre, although some theatricality is guaranteed. These are five of the most dramatic songs I know. Or the ones that sprang to my mind the moment it thought up list #11.

Also, great to know I’m not the only one suffering from January blues. The lists!.. The Guardian is going through the same shit.

#5. Whipping Boy – “No Place To Go”

Last song on their self-titled, posthumously released album that I’ve grown to like more than Heartworm. All intensity and desperation.

#4. The Waterboys – “Red Army Blues”

From A Pagan Place. Eight minutes of Mike Scott’s over-the-top drama. The way he sings “seventeen years old, never kissed a girl” – you would think he really never did. Priceless.

#3. Kate Bush – “Breathing”

Otherworldly stuff. Lyrically, vocally, musically – this is among her most powerful and complete creations.

#2. Nick Cave – “Lay Me Low”

Let Love In is patchy, messy, erratic. It could also be Cave’s most entertaining album ever. “Lay Me Low” is a blast. Singing this song at the top of your lungs is one of the biggest joys in the world.

#1. The Who – “Love Reign O’er Me” 

Of course.

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